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About me and my lamps


All of my lamps are lovingly hand crafted and made from locally sourced natural woods. Every lamp is unique and the designs are both creative and pleasing to the eye. I believe a light should be both practical and yet still needs to add character and tone to a room.

I choose each piece of wood individually and strive to emphasise it's innate character. My lamps shine with a warming glow that is both restful and easy to work with - they are designed to help create the character of your own living space.

I live and work in Beeston, Nottingham and really enjoy making these beautiful creations. I originally came from the south east, near London, but now live in the delightful East Midlands.  I have a passion for nature, the environment, the arts and beautiful wood work.

All of the work is my own - from design through to the finished product.

My lights are well and strongly built and conform to all of the relevant UK safety standards.